I am so excited about the upcoming release of my new book NEURO CONFINEMENT. It will launch on September 6, 2019. Mark your calendars for this big event.

Let me tell you about the book.

Imagine a drug that imprisons convicts inside their minds where seconds turn into days and days into years.

NEURO CONFINEMENT is a Sci-Fi thriller, written by Sophie Marie White. A young idealistic scientist, Dr. Casey Palmer, develops a revolutionary new drug, D-214, that imprisons convicts inside their minds.  His discovery promises to replace the skyrocketing incarceration problem by shortening sentences. One day in Neuro Confinement equals one year, whereas a thirty-year sentence is served in thirty days saving the penal system hundreds of billions of dollars. There is one major side effect -- users experience a living, breathing, Daliesque world, where side-effects such as psychotic breaks and violent rampages erupt hours to years after the drug has been administered. Will this new wonder drug be the savior of the American penal system? Or, will prisoners be trapped eternally in their minds forever?

Now watch the first trailer.


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