I am humbled to have been chosen to play Dr. Violet and give a voice to transgender women everywhere.

When I was contacted to audition for the part of Dr. Violet I jumped at the chance for two reasons.


The first reason is that I have so much in common with Dr. Violets. It’s not like I am playing a part. It’s like I am just bearing my soul for everyone to see. The second reason was to work with the gifted and talented Tommye Myrick. I could not pass up this opportunity. Now is the time for transgender people to be who they are and stand up.

Voices in the Dark Repertory Theatre Company
proudly presents
So far this year, 19 transgender individuals have had their lives cut short by murder in this country. And in an era when suicide is already the second leading cause of death among teens and young adults, young people who identify as sexual minorities are estimated to be two to seven times more likely to commit suicide than their heterosexual, gender-conforming peers. 
While trans visibility and representation have increased thanks to pioneers such as Caitlyn Jenner, Laverne Cox, Chaz Bono, Chelsea Manning, and Alexandra Billings, the trans experience still remains a mystery to most people. Enter playwright Paul Lucas, whose play TRANS SCRIPTS, Part I: The Women takes the actual words and stories are drawn from over 75 interviews he conducted with women of trans experience to create a well-rounded portrait of seven trans women from around the world.

Audiences across the globe have already fallen in love with these extraordinary women, whose stories are by turns moving funny, heartbreaking, uplifting, and inspiring, as they share with us their journeys towards becoming their authentic selves. The cast, that consists of several transgender women from New Orleans, include Nadine Berenger, Jazmine White-Davis, Jerek Edora, Joann Guidos, Teryl Lynn Foxx, Milan Nicole Sherry, and Sophie Marie White.
Voices in the Dark Repertory Theatre, under the direction of award-winning director/producer Ms. Tommye Myrick, is honored to share these previously unrecognized, unheard and unseen stories, once again living up to its mission statement. … 
“…Voices in the Dark Repertory Theatre Company, Inc. is dedicated to presenting, producing and promoting plays, films, art, dance, literature and musical interpretations that are artistic expressions of the disenfranchised, thus giving VOICES to those normally unheard.”. 
In commemoration of those who are victims of gender genocide, suicide, and psychological confinement and in celebration of the warriors of the LGBTQ community who fight for equal rights and equal justice, Voices in the Dark Repertory Theatre Company is proud to present: 
November 17 – 24, 2019
2240 St. Claude Ave.
New Orleans, LA 70117
For more information, tickets or group reservations please call (504)333-6748 or (504) 570-0266


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  2. I am a trans woman. Thank you so much for putting on this play about the transgender community, our struggles, and our up's and down's in our journeys to find our authentic selves. I lived most of my life trying to be the boy/man that I was raised and expected to be while keeping my true self hidden from view. After experiencing a huge loss and a life changing event I could no longer hold her back. The walls that I erected came tumbling down and she came to the surface. I am her and she is me. We are one.


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